Here’s a more detailed rundown of the top contenders

FBSport Inflateable Car Bed

FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

Stager Inflatable Car Mattress

Ancheer Inflatable Car Mattress

Drive Travel Heavy Duty Car Travel Mattress

Haitral Portable Air Mattress

Nex Multifunctional Inflatable Bed

If you haven’t already, please check out our main page where I provide a complete run down of my up to date best picks. This is a relatively new industry, so the leaders are always changing.

As of now, the different mattresses are ordered roughly by their ratings, and how much history that particular company has. I’ve tried my best to include a variety of price ranges and sizes, so I urge you to do your own research to find which will be best suited for your particular vehicle.

If you haven’t already grab a good hardware take measure and measure out the length and width of the back cabin of your car. Depending on the mattress that you will be buying, you will either measure the distance from the back of the front seat to the front to the back seat, or the distance from the back of the front seat all the way to the rear trunk of your car.

Make sure that you check the reviews to stay up-to-date about whether or not the manufacturer has been making good on their warranty claims. Most of these air beds are warranty and for 90 days after the time of purchase, but since there are different companies behind each of these claims you might find that you have different results in success with dealing with them.

The good news is that Amazon takes customer satisfaction seriously, so if you have trouble with these third-party manufacturers directly, I would highly recommend you to take your complaint fully up the chain to Amazon as they generally have a low tolerance for poor quality customer service.