Ancheer Inflatable Car Mattress Review

The Ancheer mattress features the quickest inflation time we’ve seen.

It can fit in most full sized sedans and anything larger.

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Ancheer inflatable car mattress reviewThe highlight of this entry on my list, is the pump which is the strongest that I have ever seen. The mattress effortlessly inflates in two minutes of alas, every single time you plug it into the car lighter port.

Although as with all inflatable car beds, the ideal environment is in a large SUV work truck; this model will fit in a midsize sedan as well. If you have a regular sedan that you intend to take camping, this might be your best choice due to the smaller size of the car bad relative to some of the other choices that I’ve gone over.

One small flaw of the otherwise spectacular inflation device is that the court is a little bit short. If you have a larger sized car you might have a bit of an issue reaching all the way from the front to the back seat to inflate the mattress. This issue can be worked around if you have a backseat lighter port, but as of now this is not standard in most cars.

The Ancheer comes with two inflatable pillows as well. As you may have learned by now, I’m never really a big fan of these included inflatable pillows that come with the air mattress. I’m very particular about my pillows and I don’t find that in inflatable pillow of any kind does the job.

I have a couple of airplane style travel pillows that are filled with comfy beads that I used instead. Sometimes I even grab a full-sized pillow off of my home bed, which is really the ultimate in comfort for me. It is a little bit more bulky and cumbersome to carry in the car for a long camping journeys but I find that it is worth it for my comfort in my sanity.

Be mindful of the maximum capacity of this mattress, which rings in at just about 330 pounds. This should be enough for most adults, but if you have two large people sleeping on it at once that might put you over the edge of the weight limit.

The bed comes with a repair kit, as some of the competitors have also offered. I’ve never had to use one of these, but I heard in the case of a small leak the patch can actually work wonders. If it’s a brand-new purchase, I would recommend returning it instead of trying to repair it by yourself.

And have several more days out on the road, the patch kit could do the trick and keep you sleeping comfortably for a couple days until you return home.

The backseat bed can nearly double the usable space in the backseat of your vehicle, which can be a real lifesaver for long journeys on the road. I know that it has saved my neck at least once, when all the hotels in town were fully booked with no vacancies.

(click for current pricing on Amazon)