Drive Travel Car Mattress Review

The Drive Travel is made for SUVs and will not fit in smaller sedans.

Is it really as ‘heavy duty’ as the name suggest?

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Drive travel backseat car mattress reviewI spent a lot of time raving about different car beds that I’ve tried on the site. I also have made it clear that I strive for honesty and integrity above all else. When something does not live up to my standards, I will call it out and be completely honest with you the reader about it. This is one particular case where I was not truly impressed, so my initial recommendation would be that you try one of the other beds that I recommend rather than this one.

One of my biggest issues with this mattress is that it is billed as a heavy duty material. I find that this is a flagrant case of false advertising, when this is one of the cheaper made PVC items that are sold online. It is not cheap either, and I do not understand where they get off charging this much money for such a poorly constructed product.

They claim that the maximum load bearing capacity is 800 pounds, now I have never tested that myself but I find that a little bit far-fetched. If you have seen my review for the full-sized back cabin bed that extends all the way up against the driver seats you’ll know that even that behemoth of a mattress can only handle about 660 pounds. I would realistically estimate that the drive travel bad can do about 300 pounds and not much more than that.

I have read countless reviews of leaks and holes in this bed, more so than any of the others that I have researched. I can really get a kick of the manufacturer’s description of “romantic intimate motion” with this product. I’m literally laughing out loud right now as I write this, I cannot imagine anything being less romantic than trying to position to adults on top of this thing.

You can also find a lot of positive reviews online, but I chalk that up to the fact that most of these people have never tried another air bed, so obviously something is better than nothing. I agree with that, and for the couple of days that it holds up it’s definitely better than sleeping with your backside being poked into by seatbelt ports. But I would be furious if I spent this much money on something that is going to deflate on me after only a couple of days of use.

For some reason which I cannot understand, this seems to be recommended over and over again is an option for dogs. I don’t know what the difference in a human mattress is compared with a dog mattress, maybe they just love the smell or the texture or something else. I would actually be more concerned about a dog popping the weaker or cheaper quality mattress with their nails, so either way I would pick something else.

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