Nex Multifunctional Inflatable Bed Review

The Nex is the most affordable car bed on our list

4 basic colors, all made to fit your particular style.

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Nex Multifunctional Mobile Bed ReviewFor those budget minded travelers out there that are particularly close to my heart, I’m just like you! This is the most affordable entry on our chart, which can be viewed on the main page. It has a similar 90 day policy as the others at a fraction of the price. You can’t really go wrong, as long as you intend to try it out and make sure it is not defective within those 90 days.

This’ll be a complete game changer for long road trips especially if you are traveling with children or pets. Please note that it is not safe to use this mattress or any other mattress while your car is still in motion, but if you are making frequent breaks which you should be doing anyway, this can be a real lifesaver in keeping your sanity on the road.

If you’re just dipping your toe in the water of inflatable car mattresses then I would recommend you save your money and go with the cheapest option available which is this one right here. I recommend this for any particular hobby that you are testing out, a lot of people go whole hog after reading about a product and getting excited about it, and then end up shelling out hundreds of unnecessary dollars. My motto is to work your way up and to save your money for something that you’d know you will get the most utility and value out of.

This is also the newest product on the market, so there’s not a whole lot of customer history here in terms of long-term reliability and usage. Apparently, the company has demonstrated excellent faith so far in terms of their customer service, and I hope that they continue to maintain this integrity and faith in the future.

Again you get the two inflatable pillows to go along with the mattress, which I never use. I can deal with an inflateable mattress, but I cannot skimp on the pillow. I usually grab a couple of my favorite airline travel clothes, the type that go around your neck and cradle it for the ultimate comfort. In some cases I take my king-size pillow right off my bed, because I’m crazy like that and I don’t mind the excess bulk and heft.

The weight limit is relatively low on this model, so if you are trying to fit two full sized adults, then this might not be the right option for you. I would recommend looking into the Stager (if your vehicle can fit it, and your budget allows), as that is hands down the best two-person backseat bed that I have ever personally tested.

After about 10 hours of usage this mattress will naturally lose a little bit of air. This is not necessarily a defect, as much as an inevitable result of its design, so make sure that you have realistic expectations and don’t go returning it for a little bit of air loss. If it goes kaput in an hour or two, than that is something totally different, and I totally think you should do everything in your power to get your money back immediately.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any particulars you’d like to share about this newest entry on our list, please reach out to us via our contact page.

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