Stager Inflatable Car Mattress Review

The Stager is the most expensive, as well as the most spacious air mattress currently available.

If you have an SUV large enough, this is the maximum head and legroom you can get.

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Stager Inflatable Car Mattress ReviewOkay, so let me first start out with the obvious. Look at the picture to your right, do you love it? Or do you hate it?

This is definitely the most polarizing of the mattresses that I’ve researched and reviewed. I personally hate that frog green color, and that inflatable pillow, or ottoman, or whatever that monstrosity is… I would probably throw that out as soon as I bought this thing.

Now that I got that out of the way, I will admit that this is the most luxurious of all the backseat inflatable beds that I’ve looked into. Look at that design, it doesn’t just go across the backseat, it goes up and down the entire rear cabin of your vehicle.

This will only fit mid sized SUVs, compact SUVs and anything smaller will not be able to utilize the stager car mattress. Check with the manufacturer to make sure that your particular vehicle is one that is supported.

This bed is the most expensive one that I’ve seen, but it is also the most durable and heavy duty. The max weight tolerance for this thing is 660 pounds, which is huge when most of the competitors can’t take anything over 300 pounds. The mattress could realistically hold two full-sized adults, which is a rare quality that you will not find from the other backseat designs that can only fit one adult curled up into the fetal position.

For such an expensive piece of camping equipment, I am baffled by the fact that it only comes with a 12 V pump. Sure it still seems to do the job, but when mattresses half the size use a 16 V or greater inflation system, this just seems slow and inefficient. According to the manufacturer, this small pump can do the entire job in about 2-3 minutes… which I guess is amazing if it actually works like that. Your mileage may vary.

In addition to SUVs, this would also work great on the flat bed of a pickup truck. Again, it would have to be a midsized or larger, so your small Ford Ranger is probably not, be able to handle it.

This car bed is a little bit on the thin side, but it has good support and is made from sturdy PVC material. Surprisingly the thickness is not really an issue, it is still very comfortable and durable. Unless you are one of the unlucky few that gets a unit that is DOA (this has happened bef0re), it should be a solid piece of camping and touring equipment that will last you for years to come. With such a long and luxurious footprint, you may never fork out a fortune to stay in a hotel ever again.

But seriously, what’s going on with that awful green color? Please bring us some other color options, Stager! If they do that, I’ll get off the fence for sure and pick up one of these for myself and my Yukon Denali.

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